Product Name : Expanded Metal Mesh
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产品简要描述及优势 expanded metal mesh
1material:low carbon aluminium
2 standard flattened grating
3 thickness0.5-8mmmm
4construction mesh

standard expanded metal mesh

Material:Aluminum plate,thin low cabon steel plate,stainless steel plate.AL-Mg alloy plate,copper plate,nickel plate.


Mini expanded metal

Short way of distance 2.0-5.7mm

Long way of distance 3.0-12.7mm

Plate thickness 0.5-1.0mm

Strand 0.5-1.5mm

small expanded metal

Short way of distance 10.0-36.0mm

Long way of distance 25.0-100.0mm

Plate thickness 1.0-3.0mm

Strand 1.1-4.1mm

medium expanded metal

Short way of distance 22.0-50.0mm

Long way of distance 60.0-100.0mm

Plate thickness 3.0-5.0mm

Strand 3.0-7.0mm

heavy expanded metal

Short way of distance 38.0-56.0mm

Long way of distance 100.0-150.0mm

Plate thickness 6.0-8.0mm

Strand 6.0-11.0mm

The wooden pallet is generally used for expanded metal packing , each pallet loads 1 to 2.5 ton, outer is wrapped by waterproof paper. We can also pack according to customer requirement


There are some hole shapes of expanded metal for your reference.

Diamond expanded metal , circular arc expanded metal , hexagonal expanded metal , ripple expanded metal , scale expanded metal , tortoiseshell expanded metal ,gourd expanded metal , precision expanded metal , diamond-hexagonal expanded metal , leveling expanded metal

Weaving and characteristics :it is punched to mesh,including aluminum plate mesh,small steel plate msh, steel plate mesh and stainless steel plate mesh according to the hole.It is divided into

Main markets : many coutries in North American, West Europe,East Asia and other areas

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